Greetings, Dear Reader- About the Author

Welcome to Coup de Des: Arts & Letters of Victor A. Schramm. 

All work posted here is the work of me, Victor Schramm. I’m an Investment Advisor from Oregon with a B.A. in Russian & East European Studies. Over the years of this site, millions of readers have stopped by and I am grateful for the conversations my work here has sparked. I never imagined so many people would care to read close reading pieces on art.

Some updates in 2021 on who I am- this post originally was posted 6 years ago. A lot has changed since then. I’ve become an observant Jew and chances are if you know me in “real life,” you know me as Chaim. I’m also a dad, a husband, and owner of a thriving Registered Investment Advisor firm based in Oregon. I’m an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, have certificates in a few sub-categories of personal finance, and that describes perfectly why there has been fewer pieces uploaded here in the past couple of years. I’ve been very fortunate to be very successful in business, and I have certainly put growing my practice and helping the people who hire me first. I think that’s a good idea and I don’t regret it. Nonetheless, I’d very much like to post here a lot more often, as I have written consistently over the years on the subjects this blog covers.

You’ll find mostly art criticism here on this site, because that’s what I’m best at writing. You’ll find some other literary criticism at some point, I’m sure. I also like movies and have written on cinema quite a number of times. I used to say I’d write on economics here, but if you’re interested in economics and finance, the home for that truly is, where I write often and make podcasts with my friend and colleague Pablo Lasha. Enjoy, and don’t be shy: your comments are always welcome.

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