Coup De Des is the home of the the thoughts and writings of me, Victor A. Schramm. I’m a Fee Only Financial Planner & Investment Advisor in the Pacific Northwest (Investment Advisor site). I’m in love with my job. My first love, however, was art and poetry- a love that endures. I like to write about that here on this website.

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Russian and East European Studies (emphasis on Russian History). I’ve lived a number of places, most recently Brooklyn, NYC, and presently Portland, OR.

My primary areas of interest are art, literature, philosophy, and economics. I write poetry and short stories, and those can be found at Still, I Sing: Poetry of Victor A. SchrammThings that I post on this blog are my own essays and musings on all of these subjects, among others.

I hope you enjoy my commentary and I’d like you to feel welcome to comment at any length on any topic. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read,


Victor A. Schramm

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