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Odilon Redon: “Dans le Rêve” Frontispiece

The Frontispiece to Dans le Rêve is, primarily, an overture to a larger work. It introduces 10 pieces with a common theme of dream imagery and imagination. The portfolio taken as a whole takes its cue from the Göthean idea of genius– i.e., becoming the wellspring of new and original creation. We’re to understand it as some mystical marriage of work and visionary […]

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Felicien Rops: “Death at the Ball”

Felicien Rops Death at the Ball

Félicien Rops, the Belgian printmaker and illustrator, had an undeniable connection to decadence. In particular, that decadence which emphasized decay of the moral order of the relatively young Bourgeoisie in Europe was something Rops reveled in. One must look no further than his broad portfolio of etchings and lithographs which celebrates a remarkably De Sadeian eroticism to confirm this. In […]

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Leon Spilliaert: “Night”

Leon Spilliaert Nuit (Night)

Leon Spilliaert, a largely self-taught artist from Ostend, Belgium, was a life-long Symbolist and an artist fully engaged with his environment. Images of the Ocean, the landscape, and the isolation of his corner of the world are frequent subjects of his work. His art often expresses skepticism towards Industrialization and the idealization of Reason that was influential in his time, […]

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