Redon: Sad Ascent

Odilon Redon: “Sad Ascent,” Plate IX of “Dans Le Rêve”

I consider the 9th plate of Redon's "Dans Le Rêve" Portfolio in my series on the graphic works of Redon

Redon: “The Gambler,” plate V of “Dans le Rêve”

The inherently illusory nature of the catalogue of Dans le Rêve is suggested by its very name, translated to English as In the Dream. Plate V from the series, The Gambler, has the unique quality of revealing in full detail the setting of the picture. No area of the picture plain is left in obscurity and doubt, merely alluded … Continue reading Redon: “The Gambler,” plate V of “Dans le Rêve”

Odilon Redon: “Dans le Rêve” Frontispiece

The Frontispiece to Dans le Rêve is, primarily, an overture to a larger work. It introduces 10 pieces with a common theme of dream imagery and imagination. The portfolio taken as a whole takes its cue from the Göthean idea of genius- i.e., becoming the wellspring of new and original creation. We're to understand it as some mystical … Continue reading Odilon Redon: “Dans le Rêve” Frontispiece