Odilon Redon’s “Dans le Rêve”: Prelude

Dans le Rêve (English: In the Dream), the portfolio of lithographic prints produced for André Mellerio in 1879 in very limited quantity (there were 25 editions of the portfolio), was a milestone in the career of Odilon Redon. Jodi Hauptman labeled it a “Manifesto” of Redon’s catalogue of imagery, approach, and theory. It’s also highly innovative visionary artwork whose impact on broader popular culture was arguably limited due to the limited production and circulation of the portfolio. The purpose was, nonetheless, to make an impression on the artworld of Paris. In those aims, Le Rêve was quite successful.

My hope is to approach and examine the individual works. This may take a very long time. They certainly will be done quite out of order. In any case, I appreciate your readership and I hope you feel invited to participate in the discussion.


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