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By popular demand, I’ve started up Coup de Dés on instagram. If you’ve got a mobile device, follow the account here. I like to exhaust topics here on Coup de Dés to the extent I can, but you can expect a lot more pictures and a lot less commentary on the instagram. Ok, a little commentary.

If you want to see Symbolist, Fin de Siecle, Decadent, Post-Impressionist, Les XX, Pre-Raphaelite, and Art Nouveau art in your instagram feed, you will definitely enjoy the photostream.


Greetings, Dear Reader

Welcome to Coup de Des: Arts & Letters of Victor A. Schramm. 

All work posted here is the work of me, Victor Schramm. I’m an Investment Advisor from Oregon with a B.A. in Russian & East European Studies. You’ll find mostly art criticism here on this site, because that’s what I’ve been writing on recently. You’ll find some other literary criticism at some point, I’m sure. Every so often I might post about philosophy, theology, and occasionally economics. Enjoy, and don’t be shy: your comments are always welcome.